Piano Lessons at Wilton Music Studios

Why Should I Take Piano Lessons at WMS?

Our piano teachers are consummate musicians, comfortable teaching very young children through professional musicians polishing repertoire. Whether a four year old taking their first lesson, a retiree returning to the instrument after a long separation, and everyone in between, our teachers will share their expertise and love of music and lay the foundation so that students may explore any type of music they desire.

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Piano Fun fact

The first pianos were too expensive for even the very wealthy to own. For nearly a century only aristocrats and royalty owned them. How times have changed. Now there are 21 million non-professional pianists in the USA alone!

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What Styles of Music Do We Teach in Your Piano Lessons?

Our teachers tailor music lessons to the needs and desires of the student. The enormous versatility of the piano combined with the wide ranging experience of our faculty means their lessons can take the student wherever they want.  All students will learn the fundamentals of playing so that they can play any type of music to the best of their ability. Sometimes you hear Beethoven sonatas coming from the piano studios and sometimes, Billy Joel!

Historical Tidbits

The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy. (1655-1731) The harpsichord, which predated the piano, had no ability to change the volume. Dissatisfied with that, Christofori changed the mechanism of the harpsichord and created a new instrument in 1700 with the capacity to change volume – to play soft and loud. In Italian, piano means soft and forte means loud. This new instrument was called the gravicembalo col piano e forte, which translates to harpsichord with soft and loud. It was shortened to pianoforte and then ultimately, shortened further to, piano!

Who Are Our Teachers?

Everyone on our faculty is a professional performing musician and very at home teaching all ages and levels. Our teachers have graduated from some of the world’s greatest conservatories including the Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, the Aaron Copland School of Music, the Bard College-Conservatory of music and serve on the faculties of many schools and universities, including the Mannes College of Music, Western Connecticut University, Sacred Heart University and the University of Bridgeport.

Carrie Chen

Carrie Chen received her Bachelor of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in piano performance and a double Master of Music in piano performance and chamber music from the University of Michigan. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Music

Richard Jorgenson

A composer of over fifty works for solo piano and piano ensembles Richard’s composition study was furthered at the Juilliard School with Stanley Wolfe, and at the Mannes School of Music under David Tcimpidis.


Michael Maronich

A Connecticut native, Pianist Michael Maronich began his piano studies at age seven and, in 2001, became the youngest first-prize winner in the history of the prestigious Renée B. Fisher Competition.


Pace Mazzagatti

A native of Philadelphia, he earned his Master’s Degree and Doctorate at the Manhattan School of Music as a student of the eminent pianist Constance Keene.


Igor Sherbakov

Igor Sherbakov holds a Master of Music degree from the prestigious Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow. Having taught piano and French horn for almost three decades in New York City.


Erin Knapp-Hynes

Erin Knapp Hynes holds a Masters of Music degree in Voice Pedagogy and Performance from Westminster Choir College of Rider University, as well as a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance.