Chamber Music

How fun would it be to play music with your friends
and make new friends playing music?

Whether you are school aged or graduated decades ago, we’ll try and place you in a group with peers of similar ages and levels.

You will be coached by one or more of our experienced teachers who have spent much of their careers playing and coaching chamber music.

As members of a community – the ensemble –
students of all ages will tap into their imagination and creativity

Students will:

  • Become better listeners and more responsive, sensitive musicians
  • Build supportive connections collaborating with fellow musicians towards a shared goal
  • Collectively, explore the music and learn to express a broad range of emotions through music

This all leads to a rich musical and personal experience.
But mostly, it’s fun!

Playing music with 2 or 3 other musicians is exciting because you get to be a soloist — the only one on your part — but you also get to play with other musicians. It’s an intimate and deeply gratifying way to experience music.

If you’re a pianist you don’t get to play in orchestras or bands, and practicing by yourself can get lonely. Or, if you are in a band or orchestra, it might not be lonely, but it’s hard to even hear yourself when you’re one of many on the same instrument!

Playing chamber music takes all the skills learned in private lessons and brings them to life!  


But wait…
What exactly, is chamber music?

Chamber music is music written for small groups – small enough to be played in a room, or a chamber.

With this focused, in depth work on a piece, students
will grow musically and personally in ways that are unexpected.
And, through this shared process, strong friendships are forged.

Participants audition for group placement and general readiness to play chamber music. Ensembles are formed with students of similar ages and levels. Music will be chosen for each group according to level, and will inspire and appropriately challenge each student.

A premium chamber music experience is also available
where the teacher is a player as well as coach of the ensemble.

Participation is dependent on enough students of similar ages and levels signing up as well as schedule availability.

Join a Chamber Music Ensemble!