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March 10, 2010

Soundwaves Flute Ensemble performs at

New Canaan Country School


Soundwaves Flute Ensemble at New Canaan Country School

March 6, 2010

WMS students participate in the Young Musicians’ Festival

WMS Students relaxing after Young Musicians Festival


 December, 2006

Jane Shelly’s flute choirs play at the New Canaan Historical Society’s tea
and at the First Presbyterian Church in New Canaan.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

On Saturday, March 5 a number of local flute students played with the Greater Bridgeport Symphony in a performance of John Corigliano’s Pied Piper Fantasy. The work tells the story of the mysterious Pied Piper of Hamlin who appears and, at the request of the townspeople, rids the town of its rat infestation by charming the rodents with his flute playing. When he returns for payment, the burgers refuse to pay him his fee. In retaliation, so the legend goes, he then charms the children of the town and takes them off never to be seen again. In the last movement of the work, the composer calls for an ensemble of flutists, drummer and non-playing children to appear in the audience, march up on stage, play back and forth with the piper and then follow him off through the audience while the orchestra plays a lament at their parting. Under the direction of Jane Shelly, principal flute of the GBS and co-owner of Wilton Music Studios, the ensemble started rehearsing the piece in the fall and even gave a mock performance of the last movement at the New Canaan Inn, as assisted living facility in New Canaan. Principal percussionist of the GBS, Anthony DeQuattro provided three of his students and the non-playing children are members of the children’s choir of the United Church in Bridgeport.

Pictured are:

Foreground: Samantha Rogers, Haley Hudler, James Speer and Maia Hernandez of the United Church in Bridgeport.

2nd Row: Grace Rimkunas (Trumbull), Grace Lim (New Canaan), Anthony Ponzio (Trumbull), Corey Podbielski (Trumbull), Richard Sherman (The Pied Piper), Jane Shelly, Nora Gibson (Trumbull), Dana Katz (Stamford), Kaite Estaba (Woodbury),

Back Row: Emily Petno (New Canaan), Grace Delisi (Wilton), Caroline Main (Stamford), Chelsea Blance (New Canaan), Hannah Riney (Wilton), Amanda Pertierra (New Canaan), Amy Hannequin (Bethel), and Sean O’Donnell (Trumbull).

CONTACT PERSON: Jane Shelly 761-7787