Bass and Electric Bass Lessons at WMS

Why Should I Take Bass Lessons at WMS?

Whatever your age or level, our bass teacher will work with each student and parent to create a musical plan that fits the student’s needs and favorite music. Whether you’re interested in rock, funk, R&B, Latin, jazz, or classical music, we’ll help you attain your musical goals – whether it’s playing in a pop or jazz band, preparing for an audition, or simply taking lessons just because you love the bass! No matter the age or ambition, the teacher will share their love of music and help students explore their own musical journey.

Electric bass Lessons Near Me

Bass Fun fact

The bass is called a double bass because it’s double the size of a cello.

Actors Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves play the bass!

Bass Lessons Near Me

What Styles of Music Do We Teach in Your Bass Lessons?

All students will learn the fundamentals of playing so that they can play any type of music they want. Our instructor can teach rock, funk, R&B, Latin, jazz, or classical.

Historical Tidbits

The earliest illustration in the history of the bass dates from 1516. The bass is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed instrument in the string family as well as in the orchestra. It’s also called the double bass, contrabass, string bass, upright bass, or bass fiddle.
The electric bass guitar was first designed in the 1950s and was designed as a way for guitarists to sit in on the bass. It quickly took over as the main low-pitched instrument for every style of popular music and has become an unstoppable force.

Bass Lessons Near Me

Who Are Our Teachers?

Everyone on our faculty is a professional performing musician and very at home teaching all ages and levels. Whether you’re playing in local bands, a 7-year-old taking their first lesson, a 60-year-old returning to the bass after many years, or playing for the first time, you’ll set goals together to achieve your musical aspirations.

Our teachers have graduated from some of the world’s greatest conservatories including the Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, the Aaron Copland School of Music, the Bard College Conservatory, and Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. They serve on the faculties of many nearby schools and universities including the Mannes College of Music, Western Connecticut University, Sacred Heart University, and the University of Bridgeport.


Jim Donica

Bassist, composer, teacher, sideman, and bandleader Jim Donica has performed and recorded with some of the finest artists in the world.